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These are cannabis-derived terpenes and the real marijuana flavor profile. This is the original strain of DJ Short Blueberry, an extremely rare strain and also one of the most crucial cannabis grows of all time. Our 1 Gram Delta 8 Cartridge is 97% Delta 8 THC.


"DJ Short Blueberry is a living legend. This is, was, and forever will be the west coast Blueberry varietal. The strain is sought-after and has been spliced into many different hybridized strains. DSBs genetics stem from DJ Short’s travels through Central America and Southeast Asia, where he gathered robust landrace genetics that would later blossom into some of the most revered cannabis strains on the planet. Finding a true cut of DSB is harder than it sounds, but if you do, savor it: You will be igniting a piece of cannabis history. Expect beautiful sedative effects that are second only to the incredible berry flavor of this flower." -Leafly

1ml Live Resin Delta 8 THC Cartridge - 97.8% THC DJ Short Original Blueberry


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