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Thank you for submission! Please allow 48 hours to process your request

Our Premium CBD and Hemp Products Online Shop began with intentions to change the cannabis industry and the world while helping as many people as we can in the best ways possible. This program is 100% free and will allow medical patients facing severe illnesses, ailments, or injuries to recieve donations from our partnering cannabis companies. This product is tailored to any patient's needs for free by their very own doctor's reccomendation. Although very limited spots are available, we can always approve any application recieved at a later time and keep you on a wait list. is the first medical cannabis donation program in the world; free for virtually anybody who may be suffering from any illness or disease treatable by cannabis.

With far fewer fewer legal limitations on CBD & Hemp than those of marijuana, we could take those same medicinally effective cannabinoids available to the ill and injured treatable by cannabis in the best way possible; For free and online with your own doctor's guidance. 

Your doctor gives us the green light and we do our best to get you exactly what they're looking for. It's completely free. If your application is accepted, we'll start by finding a company with this kind of product who would offer to be your donor. They can communicate with your doctor to ensure we find the best fit.

How to Apply:
1. Consult your doctor to learn if cannabis may be an effective treatment for your illness or ailment. 
2. Your own doctor must fill out this appliction here on your behalf. It's quick.
3. They must provide medical proof of your ailment/illness, as well with their signed recommendation as to what they would recommend in the form of a cannabis product that could help, (ie. tincture, topical, concentrate, etc).

This is the first time any movement like this has also made it online. Nothing like this has ever attempted or been repeated in history. If any ancient communties ever had any kind of widespread cannabis offering for the ill, the internet was certainly not existing and the widespread impact we can make through online shopping logistics is infamous.

Marijuana is not legal everywhere and the few marijuana donation programs are at hospitals where their patients are still tens of thousands of dollars for their intial treatment.  We will honor the world by utilizing the healing powers of natural cannabis to their greatest extent in the most widespread an unconditional offering the world has ever seen. T
he highest quality medicinal cannabis is now available to virtually anyone with our free program and our generous donaating partners. 

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