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1 Gram Hemp Derived Delta 8 Thc Vape Cartridges


Ingredients: Our all-natural hemp-derived delta-8 vape cartridge starts with our water-clear Compliant Premium Delta-8 Distillate and a perfect amount of all-natural terpenes. We don’t add any fillers or additives! Knowing exactly what you are vaping is important. You can see our lab test results in the gallery.


Size: 1 Gram


Our Delta 8 Vape Carts are available in different flavors. We love all of them, Get your favorite flavor today!

CBDDY Delta 8 Vape Carts

  • Delta 8 Vape Cart Flavors:

    We have these carts available in different flavors. All of them are pure and high-quality Delta 8 Vape Cartridge. We love all of them, You can select your choice of flavor.

    What are the effects of Delta 8 Vape Cartridge?

    Our Delta 8 vape cart is absolutely breathtaking. Once you try our Delta 8 vape cart it’ll change your standards and expectations. While it can alter and elevate your mood, it is far less intoxicating and much more functional without the paranoia associated with Delta-9 THC. Our verified customers have reviewed the product as follows:

    • Zero anxiety
    • Great body high
    • Analgesic
    • Focus
    • Relaxation
    • Anti-nausea

    CBDDY is not making any of the above claims but these claims are just based on reviews that we get from our customers.



    Pink Lemonade (Botanical Hybrid ), Orange Cream (Botanical Hybrid), Gushers (Botanical Hybrid), Rainbow Sherbert (Botanical Hybrid), Grape Limeade (Botanical Hybrid), Strawnana (Botanical Hybrid), GMO (Indica), Anniversary Cake (Indica), Melonatta (Sativa Hybrid), Candyland (Sativa), Cali Cure (Hybrid), Slurricane (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Anniversary Cake (Indica), Blackberry Kush (Indica), Calming Blueberry (Indica Hybrid), Raspberry Lemonade (Botanical), Fruity Pebbles (Botanical Indica Hybrid)

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